SPEECHLESS….I mean SPEECHLESS…I’m so thankful today that Holy God allowed me to be apart of the most amazing day everrrrrr.  Around 9AM we met with 220 high school students from Prince of Peace Baptist School for a time of Praise and worship and then service.  During that time more than 100 students prayed to receive Christ and began their new life in Christ.  After the praise and worship we walked the streets of Somotillo picking up trash and serving the people.  We ask the students to fill their pockets with candy and pass it to the folks they meet on the street.  The Nica students put up signs telling the locals to “not throw their trash down”.  After lunch we met with more than 200 people for the baseball clinic.  Once again several people prayed to receive Christ.  Thank you Lord Jesus….

Dr and Mrs. Donald M Gillette
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