God was so good to us today in Somitillo! We started off the day at the radio station where joshua Bryant was able to share his testimony and Jonge shared the word from 1 Kings. We then were able to head to Pascaula to see the start of the 14th house that BWCM has sponsored. Praise the LORD! Our group was also able to shard the story of Jesus with the dolls that 2 churches in Roanoke, Va helped to make that had the 6 colored beads based on Jesus life on earth, and the children thuroghly enjoyed it. We then headed back to the casa to prepare for our journey to Ojache. The students really enjoyed the trip out to that village because of the wonderful children who were so excited to simply play with them. We had several activities including water balloon launching in which the kids loved to get wet! We were also able to share the story with the doll again. On the way back to the casa from the second village we gave out lots of ‘CARAMELLOS” and clothing for the houses on the roads back to Somitillo, and many of the people were so joyed to recieve simple things like candy and clothes our students were blown away by the reactions to such simplicity. The most amazing thing was that the rain held up just long enough for our team to finish the work for the day and now the heavens have opened up to bless the soil once more. We hope that the rest week is just as touched with God’s hand as it was today!

Lindsay M. Evans
100 Accomac Turning
Yorktown, VA 23693

Old Dominion University
Vice President 2009/2010: Baptist Collegiate Ministry
Secretary 2009/2010: Sport Management Association