Day two and final day of the Pastor’s Conference at The Father House Church has come to an end. What an amazing blessing it has been to be part of it all. God has His man there to be their Pastor. Eddy is a Man of God after His heart. I count it one of my greatest privileges in life to have had the opportunity to stand behind his pulpit and speak God’s message. Pastor Chris and I each spoke this morning and he spoke again tonight. He challenge the church to come and pray for their pastor and the response was great. Along with this Donald requested an offering this morning from all present to bless Eddy and his family. Again, a wonderful response. Q& A again after lunch. Great questions. My favorite was “What do we do to help our churches cross denominational lines?” My response was look around you. The room was full of Baptist, Pentecostals, Presbyterians and more. You as the Pastors have the responsibility to make the effort to continue what you are doing here today, speak it from the pulpit and bring your people into unity with others.

Tomorrow Donald will be on a local TV station and then the three of us will head off to two secular station which Eddy has built a relationship with. Got to be a God thing. Usually the realization of going home doesn’t set in until a Thursday evening or Friday morning. It has happened tonight. One more full day then Chris and I head home Thursday morning. This week is an answer to year long prayer for myself and I know one for Eddy and Donald. The Kingdom has been strengthened through Pastors trained in the Word. The weapon is the Sword of Truth which they now have a better grip on. I look forward to returning to find out what they have done with it.