Blessings from Casa De Shelly….The sun comes up and the sun goes down, day one on the mission field.  The morning began by going to Pascuala to visit the family that just moved into their new home and visit with another family that will be getting a new home next week.  The new house in the picture is the house that was started 3 weeks ago by the students from FBC Roanoke, Va.  After lunch we travel with Dr. Briones nurse to Santa Cruz to do medical, feeding and worship.  We did introduce the kids to the water balloon launcher.  I do believe they would have played all day if we would have stayed.  On the way off the mountain we stopped to visit with a family that had just moved to the area.  A couple of things that they shared with us, (1) they were hungry because they had no food, (2). No one had every presented the gospel to them.  After a few minutes Oscar shared the gospel and ask if they wanted to pray with him to receive Christ.  The father, mother and 15 year old daughter prayed the sinners pray, received Christ into their life and began their walk with Jesus.  It seems tonight that everybody wanted the experience to be their God moment for the day.  Continue to pray for the work in the clinic and that we will be faithful in following God’s will.  IHS, Donald and Pammie

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