Today was an awesome day on the Mission Field.  The morning started with the radio show.  Six of the team had the privilege of sharing our testimonies with the people of Somotillo.  Josh, Katie, and Oscar ministered in song.

The team then went to village of Pascuala where the men worked to start a sidewalk into the village.  The women spent part of the time ministering to the children.  We performed a skit showing the children how we can accomplish much more for each other and for God if we work together.  The ladies painted the children’s fingernails, gave out stickers, and played games.  The older women of the village also enjoyed having their fingernails done and laughing at the fun their children were having.  The ladies also helped the women of the village and the children pick up rocks from the side of the road to assist with building the sidewalk.

During the afternoon, the team went to the village of Los Lemones.  We were able to take the doctor with us to the village where he provided medical care and medicines to approximately 30 families.  The team played several games with the children.  Diane ministered to the children with a skit about the miracle Jesus performed with the two fish and five loaves of bread.  Josh used a couple of the village children to demonstrate the sin of Adam and Eve and how Jesus came to provide a way for our salvation.  He lead the children in prayer and many of them raised their hands when asked if they had accepted Jesus as their Savior for the first time.

“Youth Rescue” was the highlight of our evening.  We had the opportunity to minister to approximately 80 youth from Somotillo.  The Lord’s presence was among us during the worship service. The team played games, shared snacks and ice cream with the youth of Somotillo.  Josh then led in an altar call.  Many of the youth prayed for salvation.

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