Another glorious day on the Mission Field has passed:  good works were performed, children laughed, prayers prayed, gospel shared, and our Lord magnified!  The team began the day at Pascuala.  The ladies on the team entertained the children and women of the village with games, bubbles, songs; while the men on our mission team worked diligently on hauling  rocks and other material to deposit inside the village where water does not readily drain and eventually creates stagnant water and unhealthy conditions within the village.  More work remains but hopefully will be continued by future teams.

In the afternoon the team headed out to Villa Esperzana with a medical team, supplies, and eager folks ready to  help.  After a time of play, sharing the gospel and blessings – members of the village and Mission team traveled to the Grande Alto River for a Baptism. Two men and one woman participated in this public profession of their faith. This is proof that lives are being changed and God’s presence is undeniable.

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