Grace & Peace to you from Casa de Shelly!

Our team has had a variety of opportunities to serve this week.  On Tuesday, the Extreme Team and the base camp crew met in the village of San Francisco.  BWCM is supporting a church plant effort there and it was such a blessing to meet and fellowship with some of the people there.  Lunch was served and clothing was distributed during our visit.
The road trip to and from San Francisco was breathtaking, both in beauty and in off-road excitement.  The road was largely single lane, dirt (gravel), and it is used by travelers on foot, ox cart, and vehicles.  The road followed the contours of the lush, green mountains along Nicaragua’s northern border.  Beautiful!
Upon the return to Casa at 3:30, we heard Don proclaim, “5 minutes to clean up and load up. We’re headed to Pascuala!” We’re so thankful we did.  Fantastic opportunity to share God’s love through games, songs, a good dinner, and a good message.
God has built a tremendous support team here at Casa.  The folks who work here year-round have enthusiasm and joy that’s hard to match.  We have so enjoyed learning from them and working along side them this week.  The interpreters are simply…amazing!  We had the distinct pleasure last night of listening to a few of them sing.  Absolutely beautiful way to end a great day.
Today (Wednesday) is action packed as well with the daily radio testimonies broadcast in the morning, working on the farm here at Casa, preparing lunch for a pastor’s conference, and another village visit.
We covet your prayers this week!  God keep you-