We’re back in Nicaragua and have had a great start to the week here on the mission field. This team is a veteran team with members from Galax, Roanoke, Huddleston, Greensboro, and West Jefferson.  The team didn’t waste any time in getting to work. We arrived Saturday night and started the week by attending church at Casa de Padre (the Father’s House Church) in Managua. Pastor Mike from Cornerstone shared a message from the book of Job about God being in control of our lives and we saw 4 people respond to the invitation and give their lives to Christ. The music was loud, the people were passionate, and we saw God move and work in the church. Just an awesome morning.

After church, we made the 3 1/2 hour drive up to Somotillo. If you ever have been here before, you know the people really do drive crazy, so it’s a blessing each time we make it here safe. We settled in and then headed to church at the Principe de Paz church here in Somotillo. Another large mission group of students from Oklahoma joined us and their pastor shared the message. We saw yet another person accept Christ.  It never gets old when we see people cross from death to life in Christ.
On Monday, we started the March Pastor’s Conference with 13 local pastors in attendance. We taught on the importance of prayer, the necessity of Godly character, the character and nature of God, and on how to prepare a sermon. The pastors are learning much, and they are really hungry to learn more about their role as a pastor of their respective local churches. While the Pastor’s Conference was going on, the food was prepped for our village trip to Canyalipe in the afternoon and several projects were started around Casa de Shelly.
In the village, medicine and vitamins were distributed, a hot meal was prepared that was both nutritious and good, and games were played with the children. It’s always exciting to see the sheer joy on the children’s faces when they see the missionaries coming. It is a true blessing to be able to minister to these children and families who have so little, but yet seem so joyful. We ended up the afternoon with a trip to the radio station where testimonies and songs were shared, and the Gospel was presented yet again. We ask for your continued prayers as we seek to obey and follow God in all that we do. Let’s remember that Jesus came to seek and to save the lost and that He is still in control of this world we live in. Our challenge to you is to simply trust Him and follow Him.
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