Today we started the day off with devotion about worshiping God and reading in Revelation chapter 5.  Rick, Mike and Donald worked with the pastors for the last time this week encouraging them, motivating them to live a life fully for Christ so that they may be strengthened.  Also, encouraging their village to step out of their comfort zone and share Jesus as well as many other topics. Mike, Kim and Kent worked on the compost pit and the Baptist school water pump. The women and Rick went to the market and gathered vegetables and chicken for the afternoon village.  They also went to the Hospital and gave burn pads to be used for patients.
After Lunch the team went to La Carreta.  Heather and G shared their testimony, Oscar sang and 4 couples got married.  Donald performed the Ceremony and it was much like here in the U.S, rings were exchanged, the unity candle was used and music was played. One couple wanted to follow Christ and had their child dedicated after they were married. The team fed the village and there was just a sense of happiness and joy throughout after the Lord was praised and worshiped.  On the way back to Casa we distributed candy, rice bags and clothes off the back of the truck. 
Libby, Rick, and Donald shared at the radio their testimony and about the Prodigal son.  Oscar and Johanna sang as well. 
We had a great day seeing the Lord show up and work through each one of us.
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