Another successful day serving our Lord.
The day started around 5 am with some enjoying fresh coffee and visiting on the patio.  As the early morning progressed everyone was ready for devotion by Libby and prayer by Rick.  Another A+ breakfast from momma and crew.
Following breakfast, Rick, Mike, Ruben, and Kent spent most of the morning painting the exterior wall of the lunchroomkitchen.  Also some time was spent checking out the new compost pit.  The compost was worked and worms were set into part of it, then covered by tin.
After a great lunch, the trucks were loaded and we headed out to Villa Nueva.  At the village, there was much excitement in the name of Jesus.  Some worked on cooking the soup, some did a dance routine with many of the children participating.  Rick gave a super testimony to the children and mothers.  A couple guys did the watermelon ministry, slicing up 20 melons and handing them out.  After the soup was done, we served everyone and there was none left.  Heather and Libby threw clothes and candy from the back of the pickup.  We stopped and everyone got a cold soda for the ride home.
A fantastic “God Moment” to finish the afternoon happened when all of us stopped at the river and was able to witness the baptism of “G” by pastor Mike.  What a wonderful completion to another beautiful day.  Congratulations to “G”.
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