Good morning and Blessings ………In only a few more days I will be returning to Nicaragua with a heart full of JOY and EXCITEMENT.  With more than 150 trips under my belt you would think that it would become mundane and ordinary.  With GOD in control and leading the way, it is anything but ordinary.  Our excitement comes from where HE is leading and what HE is allowing us to do.  Yesterday I was introduced to a curriculum for our Pastor’s that I believe is spot on.  (Thank you Dr Dowd)  Please continue to pray for God’s leadership as we work steadfastly at developing exactly the program HE would have us teach.  Please pray about joining one of our teams to help with our Pastor’s Training that we will be continuing for the remainder of 2011 then starting with 15 new Pastor’s in 2012.

I ask you to join with us and continue to pray for the “Family Sustaining” program that we are working through at Casa De Shelly.  I know many of you have helped us with supplying chickens for the first 25 families that are in the program now and have had a few laughs (at my expense).  I’ve had several request to mark certain chickens so you can visit them when you go down on your mission trip.  Not real sure how to do that so I’ll just tell you that they are all just one big happy family to the Glory of God.

Very excited that we have several new teams going to Nicaragua this year and we have the most teams ever signed up to join us in KINGDOM BUILDING.  Please continue to pray that GOD would continue to open doors and allow us to share what HE is doing in more churches in the days to come.

Yesterday we received our 1st KROGER dividend check.  Thank you so must for helping us with this project.  We still have cards available if you know a family member or friend that would like to help, just ask them to contact us.  What a neat way to do missions.  IHL, Donald

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