Hola! This is LeeAnne Lower and Kendall Barger, from the Senior Sunday School class of First Baptist Church Roanoke. We’re part of the team down here this week. Today the team has once again seen God’s blessing. In the morning, some team members went to the radio to share their testimonies and sing “Mighty to Save” in Spanish. Before lunch, we cleaned up the farm, and Don says it’s the best it’s ever looked 🙂 We picked up trash and cleared rocks so they can mow the grass. Some Nica kids helped out and a couple members of the team were able to share the Gospel and explain the importance of taking care of the blessings God has given us.

After lunch we went to La Villa Esperanza, a village about thirty minutes away. Using our activities, (such as bubbles, baseball, soccer, coloring, origami, bracelets, stories, etc.) we shared the Gospel in small groups. For example, one team member shared the Gospel using a children’s storybook and a little girl accepted Jesus as her Savior. The impact of small group evangelism was exciting. We made them lunch and passed out rice and beans.

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