After an early breakfast and devotions to start our morning, we began our 4 plus mile hike up to the small village of Cacao.  Eleven villagers came down to meet us with 5 horses that we packed down with food, water and supplies and in the 115 degree weather we made it to the top!!! 
The hike was strenuous at times but offered beautiful vistas and a time of testing of our endurance—-something our morning devotion was on.  We were greeted very affectionately by the villagers and people from as far away as 2 hours!  We fed 70 people, played baseball and interacted with the children.  We ended the afternoon with a church service where 3 youth shared their testimonies and several sang and played the keyboard. At least 1 person gave their life to Christ!  It was a wonderful afternoon of fellowship.  The trip back down the mountain again tested our endurance, but God is good and gives us the strength we need for today.
The 4 Canadians that have joined us on this trip have truly become family to us all.  We will miss them when we return to the states and they have added so much to this trip.  Fellowship with other nationalities is truly a blessing and a glimpse of what heaven will be like.


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