Blessings from a rainy and stormy Somotillo…..Hard to say anything bad about the rains since the country needs rain so desperately.  It’s  been months since we have had significant rain thus many of the hand dug wells are dry and families are really struggling to meet their daily water needs.  Unfortunately a lot of people are getting water from the rivers and we know that’s not very good water with animals up stream.
     Happy to report that all our pastors showed up for class and we actually had 2 guest.  I wish I could explain to all what it is like teaching these men.  I have never been with men of God so hungry to learn and understand the Bible and the things of GOD.  For instance, today we spent almost 2 hours discussing Acts 2 and didn’t get close to explaining everything the guys wanted to discuss.  These guys surely cause ME to spend a lot of time in prayer to make sure of our direction in teaching and mentoring.
     This afternoon we ventured into Honduras to see what we would face as we cross the border and begin our Northern work.  Pretty simple, it only cost $34.00 for Pam and I to cross the border into Honduras and then travel back to Nicaragua.  We have also been given our itinerary for 5/27-31 which I will give to you so that you might join us in prayer.

5/27…we will travel from Guaymaca City, meeting on the 28th @ Good Samaritan Church with 40-50 pastors and leaders, leaving that afternoon for Tegucigalpa to visit a church and leader then spend the night.

5/29 we will leave Tegucigalpa for Choluteca, later that day we meet with Pastor Rene Soza

5/30 we will have a Pastor and Leader Conference in Choluteca with another 50 Leaders.

5/31 we leave Choluteca for Maria Concepcion for another leaders conference and lunch with another 50 leaders.  We will travel that afternoon to El Triumfo for a conference with Pastors and Wives’,  we will then travel back to Somotillo.

Thank you for your prayers and support, IHL, Donald and Pammie

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