This morning our team started with work projects.  Some of the women went to the market to get food to serve in the village later while others stayed back and prepped walls to paint and filled water balloons to play with the kids in the village later.  The guys went and filled the truck with rocks to bring back to the Casa to make a pad for the bus to park on during the rainy seasons. 
After lunch, we went to the village, Los Torres.  We engaged the villagers through playing soccer, painting fingernails and playing with water balloons.  We broke up into small groups and the gospel was presented to the guys playing soccer and the children in the village.  Many seeds were planted in the village.  We also took the nurse with us to provide medical care and prescriptions to those who needed it.  Donald gathered a group to pray for healing over a two month old who had a severe case of pneumonia.  Prescriptions were provided to her as well.  We were reminded through this situation, as Donald says, “What would happen if missionaries didn’t come?”
We were also able to provide hot nutritious soup to the villagers.  They brought bowls, buckets, plates, or whatever they could find to hold food.  We were able to pass out some of the bowls provided by team members to those without any.  Dry food packets were handed out for families to provide additional meals as well. 
Our team really enjoyed serving the village of Los Torres.  
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