Blessings from Honduras…..Sorry that we didn’t send out news yesterday but the Hotel I was staying in didn’t have Internet.  Today we met with Pastors and leaders from Guaymaca City which we traveled to yesterday.  Gauymaca City is 300 kilometers north of the border and takes about 5 hours by car.  I have to admit that Honduras is one of the most beautiful mountainous countries I’ve ever visited.  From what I can see the country is a little more prosperous and a lot better off than Nicaragua.
     Much like our Nicaragua Pastors these men and women were very eager to learn and expand their world.  We were literally begged to come back soon and help the Honduran church.  Certainly something that Pam and I will have to pray about and seek Gods guidance.  Anyone want to bring a small team to Honduras?
     One thing I have learned in nearly 11 years on the mission field is that you had better be flexible.  We were told around 1 PM that all the plans were canceled for Sunday in Tegucigalpa due to political unrest.  We traveled back to Choluteca where we will stay until Monday.  Pastor Diomedes got on the phone and now has us booked in a church here Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.  It all amazes me how quickly things in Central America can come unraveled and how quickly new plans can be put in place.  Thank you Lord for obedient servants.   IHL, Donald and Pammie

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