In Matthew 25 Jesus tells us to feed the poor and give drink to the thirsty. He says that what we do for the least of his people we do for him.   Many nights as I pillow my head I often think about this passage of scripture.  I’m very grateful for the opportunities God has given BWCM to be a small part of the Kingdom Building that is going on in Nicaragua.  I’m equally thankful for the provisions that we have been given to share with the people of Nicaragua.  Almost daily we have people journey to Casa De Shelly begging for food for their families.  There is no simple answer to the needs of the poor and hungry of Nicaragua and many other countries. 

     With that said I would like to share with you an opportunity that GOD has provided BWCM.  We have been offered the chance to purchase 1/2 of a shipping container of food for $3200.00.  This would provide around 125,000 meals to the hungry of Somotillo and meet our feeding program needs for several months.  With that said,  I’m looking for partners to help us with this purchase.  The logistics are in place, we only need the funds to make the purchase.  You can go on line to our web site {WWW.BWCM.ORG} and give on line or simply mail a check to P.O. Box 21806, Roanoke, Va. 24018.  Please pray about what God would have you do and lets make this happen.  IHL, Donald and Pammie