Blessings once more from Choluteca, Honduras……Today we were at “Arch of Christ” Baptist Church doing another Leader/Pastor training.  GREAT day, I love my job.  Great time sharing from the Word of God, life experiences and my time as a pastor.  I will say a lot of what we are teaching is info from what I’m seeing going on in the states.  It’s amazing how much the Nica and Honduran church resembles American Church’s.  The Third World church has the same struggles as our North American Church’s.  It is amazing to talk to a local pastor and then begin to see yourself in their shoes.  The good thing is that in many cases we are able to identify with them and simply share our experiences as a Pastor.
     Tomorrow we will travel to another city named “Maria Conception” for Pastor/Leadership training in the morning.  In the afternoon we will travel to “El Triunfo” for our final Pastor/Leader conference for this trip.  We are praising God for all that HE has allowed us to do and be apart of while here in Honduras.  Once we get back to Somotillo Pastor Diomedes and I will set down to compare notes and see where GOD is leading.  We are very thankful for the prayers and support during our travel.  I’ll have to admit that after 2 weeks of Pastor training and teaching I’ll ge glad and thankful that we will be finished for a while.  God is our strength and we will praise HIM in all that we do and say……Donald and Pammie

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