Blessings from Casa De Shelly…..At 7:30 AM as I’m walking around the farm I saw one of our pastors walking towards the training center more than 11/2 hours before class was suppose to start.  I stopped what I was doing and thinking to simply remember what these men go through each day to come here and allow us to teach them.  Knowing their day and sacrifices is very humbling, I’ll introduce these men to you and share their lives with you in the future.  Getting to know these men in a personnel way has truly been a highlight of our service here in Nicaragua.
     This afternoon Pam and I had the opportunity to take three of these men home, by doing so we got them home several hours earlier than the bus.  Only one of the three had to walk any distance,  so we made their day a little easier.  Would you work really hard to make someone’s day a little easier?  IHL, Donald and Pammie

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