Blessings from the USA…..Great couple of days resting (playing a little golf) but glad to be heading back to Nicaragua.  The first week of Dec. we began a very exciting program to train local’s how to sustain life.  I’ll have to admit there have been times of extreme disappointment and lots of discouragement.   I’m very thankful for God’s amazing grace and comfort in the middle of the storm. 
     Through all my years of serving  God,  one thing I’ve learned very well is that God will  give you the strength and grace to “stay the course.”  I also want to thank all those that have contributed to the “chicken fund.”  We have some of the best “Kept” and “G uarded’ chickens  in Nicaragua.  As of today we are FINALLY beginning to produce more than just eggs.  Its the first step,  if we can sustain the “chick” production then we will be ready for the next step, “rabbit’s.”
     Please don’t mistake my venting for complaining, every single step over the past 7 months that brought about some sort of disappointment on the farm simply caused me to close my eyes and allow my mind and heart to look back at CALVARY.  I will say I’m the most surprised that GOD would make a farmer out of a city boy.  This first step is like watching one of your children take their first step or say their first word.  I can hardly wait for the NEXT step and to see what GOD is going to do on the farm.  IHL, Donald and Pammie

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