Blessings….. only a day late.  I have to admit that I was just tooooooo tired after the Leadership training.

     Yesterday was filled with lots of first with team members stepping out of their comfort zone and praying in public and sharing the Gospel.  Once again we  had a beautician in the village cutting hair.  While she was cutting hair the ladies also got a manicure.  It’s so neat watching the ladies being pampered knowing the hard life that they live.
     While the beauty shop was open the team members actually handed out dresses to many of the ladies and young girls that were made from pillow cases and brought in by the team from Gainesville Ga.  Can’t remember when I have seen so many smiling faces.
     Last evening we began our training with 25 leaders from Prince of Peace Baptist Church.  I think everyone left knowing that we can’t continue to do business as usual and that the leadership team needs to step up and LEAD, FOLLOW or GET out of the way.  I think the  posing question is, ” what did you do when the body got sick”?  It will be interesting to see how many return tonight.
    When the village was ask why the missionaries come, the answer was simple, “because we are hungry.”  IHL, Donald and Pammie

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