Today, the team discovered the meaning of Travel sickness.  Due to heat, change of diet and change of environment both Darlene & Pam experienced travel sickness.  Darlene woke up sick about 4:30 in the morning and had to stay behind from the morning trip.  However, determination and empowerment from God allowed her to lead our morning devotion.  Pam gave her testimony on the Principe De Paz Radio Station.  She later interrupted the morning trip by letting “things” fly out the back of the truck (if you know what I mean!).  However, regardless of the rocky start, we hit the road and traveled to Las Limones & Casa Blanca to “throw” out candy & food to the villages.  The people were blessed, Pam got to feeling better and Darlene was on the mend at Casa De Shelly.
The afternoon, all was well, everyone gathered in the back of the truck loaded with shampoo, soap, hand lotions, toothpaste/toothbrushes and food packs traveling to Santa Cruz, located 17 km on a good road then 10 km, on a rough, rough (did I say rough?) volcanic road!!  At Santa Cruz we were met with angelic smiles of appreciation.  The Santa Cruz village was feed spiritually & physically.  We also found out that they listen to Principe de Paz radio station.  They had heard Taylor sing and each of us give our testimony.  Games were played, nails were polished, Frisbees thrown, bubbles blown, salvation bracelets made and above all the plan of salvation was shared.  Not sure how many souls were saved but we did hear the prayer prayed and seeds were planted.
The day may have started out rocky but the devil didn’t win and God was victorious in not only in their lives but in the lives of the Zion Hill Baptist Church team!  God is Good! – -all the time!
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