Our day started out by being blessed with Trey & Taylor’s tag team devotion before breakfast followed by Darlene’s testimony at the Radio station.  Brother Donald preached about obedience.  The whole Zion Hill team has stepped out in faith this week, being obedient to God’s direction by allowing him to use us as tools and following his command in Acts 1:8.  We all have grown in our walk with the Lord and pray that we take our boldness back to the states. 
We’ve made a new family in Christ this week.  Trey received a friendship bracelet from a new Nicaraguan friend, Noehmi.  Her mother, Tia Maria has been our interpreter for the week, correcting our language mistakes and taking care of us in many ways.  The Gillette’s have had their hands full initiating a new team of “Gringo” missionaries!  Brother Donald has taken Trey “under his wing” teaching him how to hatch eggs.  It’s been an awesome & full week at the Casa De Shelly training center.
This morning, we visited a local 2-room public school, giving out bags filled with pencils, crayons, stuffed animals, beach ball and candy.  Darlene and Vanity, being teachers from Hall County, Georgia, were very interested in the conditions of the classroom.  They loved hearing the Nicaragua children say they loved going to school – -so different from what is heard from the school kids in the states!
In the afternoon, we traveled to La Flor to minister to the people of the village.  Darlene, unexpectedly, visited the “el bano” while the rest of the team continued to spread the word.  Today, as well as this week, seeds of salvation have been planted.  God ask us to go….we answered “here I am Lord send me”, now he will water! 
We will each go home changed, with different experiences, different “God moments”, and different stories to share and a new boldness.  What an awesome week!

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