Blessings from Casa De Shelly……Great last day in Somotillo for our Ga. missionaries.  We did give the team a little break this morning and let them sleep in until 7 AM.  I’m not getting soft, they just don’t make missionaries like they use too.   Team rallied this afternoon for a quick trip to El Ojoche to engage and encounter.  By the end of the week you pretty much just wind them up and let them go.  Team members find their little niche in the villages so when the truck stops they jump out and begin to serve.
     When we have our final “God Moments” it is always amazing to see just how much the team has grown and also their desire to continue in Holy Boldness when they get home.  This team was no exception as every member experienced many first in their lives.  100% of these team members now can say they have verbalized their faith and experienced many “first” in their walk with Christ to the Glory of God.  Once again a team will leave having received much more than they gave.  Off to Managua with this team and pick up our team from VA. and Kansas.  Thank you Lord for a great week.  IHL, Donald and Pammie


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