Blessings, Blessings and more Blessings…….They just keep coming.  Our VT agriculture team arrived this afternoon filled with  excitement and equipped to serve.  Their plan over the next two weeks is to work here at the training center with our foreman and in the school with 20 students that desire to pursue studies in the field of  Agriculture.  The plan for the training center is to increase production in volume and quantity.  Lessons learned here is exactly what will be taught to the local villagers.   I can only imagine what a village that can sustain itself looks like, God knows and it appears that HE is going to show us.
Also began another week of Pastor training this morning with most of the original class present.  Only ones that were missing were 2 that couldn’t cross the river because of the heavy rains.  We are also working on outlining messages to give to the teachers and pastors that are going into other villages so that everyone is on the same page.  At this time it seems that everyone was just doing their own thing and there was no consistence.  We are now outlining the Sunday messages and the teachers are using them in their weekly teachings. Prayers Please
Great time in the village this afternoon engaging and just “being the church.”  This time of the year you have to do everything in a hurry because you just know at 3:30 it is going to storm.  Today a lady  let us use her shed to finish cooking what now has become “chicken gumbo”.  Everybody got fed and not to many got wet.  God is so good…..Be Blessed, Donald and Pammie


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