We’re here on our third day in Nicaragua! There is so much going on here- it’s hard to keep up with all God is doing. At the training center there are 36 new baby chicks! Six have hatched this week after much prayer. There is a VT agriculture team here experimenting with different types of plants to see which ones will grow the fastest to help the people. Growth is happening!
We’ve been out to 2 different villages this week where we gave out candy, clothes, toys  and  cooked a meal for the people. At the first village, San Miguelito, we went to it was difficult to get everyone in line and cooperative- the large pot that we served stew out of was boiling hot and we didn’t want the children to run into it and get burned. One of the translators  talked with a mom who had 7 children and no husband and asked her why the people were more anxious than usual- The mom replied “We have no food- my children have no food- there’s nothing at our house- we’re desperate.” How humbling it was to be part of God providing for his children. Soon after they ate one of the pastors stood on the back of the truck and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with the group that had gathered. God of America is God of Nicaragua and His word reaches to the end of the earth.
Today Chris and Jeremy taught local village pastors who gathered here at Casa De Shelley about Leadership- the importance of leading with integrity and leading from the Word of God. They can take what they’ve been taught back to their villages and continue to make an impact for Christ. In the afternoon we went out the second village of the week- Las Mesas- We painted nails, blew bubbles with the children and had a watermelon eating contest! It was so fun to watch the children’s faces light up as they raced to eat watermelon- For a moment they weren’t children who had no food, clothes, and other basic necessities we all take for granted. They were having fun, bellies full and life was good.
Please continue to pray for the team as we continue to learn how to serve the way God desires us to, the agriculture team to figure out the best type of seed to use to feed the Nicaraguan people and for the people of Nicaragua to know and believe there is a God in heaven who loves them and desires a relationship with them.
It’s All About Jesus,

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