Another day on the mission field has come and gone and while we sit in the Casa and listen to the rain falling outside it is nice to sit and reflect on all that God has done today. It is always amazing to watch God show up and show off. He has a habit of doing that down here in Nicaragua and today was no different. We have seen our share of battles back home before we left as well as a few since we have been down here. The enemy is very good at what he does and he has been very busy. However, the Word of God clearly states that “greater is He that is in me than he that is in this world”. It is raining heavily outside, just like it does every evening, the thunder is booming and the lightning is flashing but we are all safe and sound inside the Casa. God is a shelter in the midst of our storms. He is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and our safe. The enemy has been loud and making lots of noise but he has received no victories here this week. We have found our strength in the Lord. For every punch that the enemy has thrown, our God has thrown a more powerful counterpunch. So I thought that I would share some of the victories that we have already seen God bring this week.


The pastor’s conference has been going really well and we are learning a lot about leadership together. Every morning we share prayer requests together and spend a wonderful time together in prayer. It is truly a blessing to see a room full of Nicaraguan pastors on their knees lifting up holy hands in prayer. Venancio, a pastor from a village called Ojoche, shared that God has blessed their efforts to reach out to another village called Los Comes. It is a very dark and dangerous place but they have already seen fruit from their ministry in that area. The enemy staked his claim in that village but the armies of the living God are taking it back one family at a time. Please pray for the people in Los Comes.


We have baby chickens!! I know this may sound like a strange victory to some but this is a big deal down here. The Feed by Seed team from Virginia Tech  have been here working for a week and a half here at the training center and this week we were able to see the first chicks hatch. This means that it may be possible to reproduce this same process in villages and that would allow Nicaraguans the ability to have may eggs and thus more food. Please continue to pray for the agricultural research and production here in Nicaragua. The day when Nicaraguans can farm their own land and produce their own food is coming and it is coming soon.


Village ministry has been wonderful as usual. The team has really come together and are working as a team every afternoon. Every afternoon we have brought food, fun, and the gospel to nearby villages. As a result the darkness is being pushed back and the Kingdom is being advanced. This afternoon, after a massive soccer game (I think it was about 20 versus 20) we gathered everyone under a shade tree and shared the God’s redemptive story. A young teenage boy gave his life to Christ and then walked down to the church to tell the pastor and his family about his decision! Please pray for Albin and the village of Mata de Caña.


Perhaps one of the sweetest victories of the week so far was this morning when one of our own team members surrendered her life to Christ. She was concerned about sharing her testimony on the radio and asking people to give their lives to Christ when she had never taken that step. So this morning she did. Her testimony is filled with examples of the enemy getting victory after victory in her life. That ended today. The victory belongs to the Lord.


So…. are you having a tough week? Do you feel like the storms of life are getting to be more than you can take? Just remember this….. God is bigger. No matter what it is, God is bigger.


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