Blessings from Managua……Psalms 37:23  The Bible says….The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.     One year ago this month Pam and I visited a farm a little south of Managua and realized  almost immediately that GOD had led us there.  What we saw was a miracle from heaven in that they were teaching people how to sustain life.  I began to pray for guidance and wisdom in how to make this work at Casa De Shelly.  After a couple months of prayer GOD brought a very qualified man into our lives to begin to run the “training center” and try and make it profitable so it can finance itself.  In late Nov. God brought a friend  with a back ground in agriculture on a mission trip.  He actually walked the farm and gave us a very detailed guide line and lots of suggestions.  One of those suggestions was to work with the local school students and begin something similar to our “FFA” program.    This past week 10 members of an organization named ” Feed by Seed” arrived to work both at the Training Center and in the Baptist School.  This team will be in Somotillo for another week working with Aldiberto and the school.  In my mind it was like praying down heaven.  There is so much I DON’T know about farming but verrrry thankful for those that do.  One aspect of the ACTS 2 church was that all that believed were together.  I call that “team work”.
This coming Sunday night at Prince of Peace Baptist Church they are going to have their first ever “Church Fellowship” and our team will be serving.  I’m excited beyond belief as this church begins to move.  First step is “fellowship” and the second step will be “service”.  Next week some church members and our team will be cooking at the Mayor’s office and serving everyone that works for the city and the police dept.  God will be glorified and the church will be serving.  Simply stated, “Be The Church”.   IHL, Donald andPammie

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