Today was the culmination of many prayers and plans.  Anticipation was in the air from the earliest moments of the day. In fact, there was no door knocking or shouts for “gringos” to arise, because everyone could sense the magnitude of the day that God had planned for us. Our main event of the day was to have our baseball team face an all-star team featuring the best players from the Somotillo area. At the conclusion, Dr. Bill Ashford would present the gospel and invite the audience to accept Christ.  With the sounds of children laughing and bats cracking, the game began around 11 o’clock. 
We were able to see two distinct ministry arms working together for the same goal at the same time. The VBS team was broken into smaller units both inside and outside the stadium engaging people with soccer balls, balloon animals, tennis balls and jump ropes.  At different intervals, we’d stop and share the Gospel to the different people that we’d been interacting with.  The professions of faith were more than we could’ve imagined.  Each team member had numerous God moments with special folks throughout the day that made an eternal impact on our hearts.

The sun beat down on the baseball team, yet they remained full of smiles and laughter as they continued to build relationships with the men of Somotillo.  When Dr. Ashford presented a powerful, relevant message geared toward the men on each baseball team, focus and attention could be seen on each of their faces.  We won, but more importantly, many hands around the stadium rose to signify that they had given their lives to Christ.    Our mission was to engage and point people to the cross, and in the words of Don, “today was a homerun!

Dr and Mrs. Donald M Gillette
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