Blessings on this most somber of days…..This morning our team started our day by going to “The Mtn Of Prayer” for a prayer tribute to those that fell on 9/11 and all those that have given their ALL for our freedom.  Being a vet it was a very humbling experience for me and one I will never forget.  Mid morning we went to Pascuala for a ball game with Le Platenal.  Seeing them in a cow pasture playing ball was a lot different than the experience they had with FLG last week-end.  I’m very thankful for the way we were received and I can honestly say it was because so many prayed to receive Christ and have turned their lives around.  Let the follow up begin.
Early afternoon we rolled into a village we were introduced to yesterday by the baseball team we met last week-end.  Chaguite is located in the mountains about 5 kilometers from the main road on the opposite side from where we turn to go to Pascuala.  Much to our surprise there was somewhere close 300 people both adults and children.  After a few minutes engaging the children we were able to share the gospel and a huge number of people that prayed to receive Christ.  When you look at the pix you’ll see one where a number of people are raising the hands.  We ask them on occasions to do so and the local Pastor can identify those that prayed to receive Christ.  Today we took Reynaldo because he will be doing the follow-up in the weeks to come.  So excited about all that GOD is up to here in Nicaragua.
IHL, Donald and Pammie


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