Today we started our morning with some eggs and pineapple.  Mamma Maria sure is a good cook!  There are two joint teams on this mission trip.  We are reaching out to men on the Baseball field and families in the village.  What the enemy meant for ill, God used for His glory. We rolled into our first stop of the day to share the Gospel with kids at a school…but there were no kids!! School happened to be closed for the day.  What do we do? The teachers who were there for training were perfectly ripe for God’s word.  Don and the VBS team stepped up and shared testimonies and the Gospel.  After that, we headed to the stadium to engage the children that were watching baseball.  God absolutely was all over the scene as over 50 kids plugged in and colored, jumped rope and used our sling shot to launch and catch tennis balls. It was awesome! We were later welcomed into the Puma Village by beautiful children with physical and spiritual hunger. It was obvious God was at work while we were there. The Gospel was shared and the number of children and adults indicated that they prayed to receive Christ. We fed the village both physically and spiritually and God is glorified. 

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