God is so GOOD! We continue to feel and see His presence in all that we are doing/seeing/experiencing at the ball field. God has consistently exceeded our expectations up to this point in our work here in Somotillo through this simple game of baseball. He has opened doors to our teams (baseball AND VBS) to share the gospel with more than just the men we are playing with/against, but also the entire community.

Most of our players arrived in Nicaragua with three basic expectations:

1.       Sharing our love for the game of baseball with men from the surrounding villages.
2.       Providing a substantial amount of new equipment and uniforms to six local teams.
3.       Facing the challenge of presenting our love of Jesus Christ to men who have been known to be unreceptive of BWCM groups in the past.

The first two expectations went as expected. Nicaraguan men LOVE baseball as much as we do (and greatly appreciated the new uniforms and equipment)! Much to our surprise, every man on every team seemed not only receptive but also appreciative of our commitment to sharing the gospel with them after every game (10 games in 2 days). The icing on top is that in addition to our experiences with the baseball players we have also been blessed with the opportunity to spend a lot of time with LOTS of kids and some families. In two days we have shared testimonies with approximately 100 men and another 30 children ages 5-15.

Looking forward to a great night’s sleep and a BIG final day tomorrow…Somotillo All Stars vs “el Gringos” and a family-oriented celebration (lunch, praise & worship, and preaching by Dr. Ashford)!

We ask for your prayers for continued safety and for the softening of hearts for the message Dr. Ashford will share.

Dr and Mrs. Donald M Gillette
Because We Care Ministries, Inc.
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