Blessings come in many different ways.  Mine today was in a saddle that was donated to a pastor here in Nica.  Earlier this spring I made my first trip up the mountain to a village church called Cacau.   Pastor Santos and his family are some of the most gracious people you will ever meet.  With that said they came down the mountain (1-2) hours and brought their horses to help us get up the mountain.  Honestly, there is no way I could walk up there so he suggested I ride the horse.  With two earlier trips I learned that the right equipment,  in this case a good saddle makes all the difference in the world.  So I knew if I was going back up the mountain I would have to find him a “good saddle.”  I can’t explain the joy in their faces when I gave him a saddle that had been donated by some folks from Bedford, VA.  I will say that I was thanking GOD on the  ride up those beautiful mountains for such a wonderful piece of equipment.  Once we arrived we rested and had lunch in preparation for an afternoon of worship with the church family from Cacau.
     As most of you know we started a pastor’s training here at Casa De Shelly in early Jan. for a number of pastors.  Pastor Santos was one of those men and he has been very faithful in his attendance.  He is like a sponge in class, absorbing everything he can so that he will be a better pastor.  Today I had the opportunity to talk to him and try to wrap my mind around his day.  I have attached photo’s of the mountain sides that he calls fields and where he plants his crops by hand.  On the days that he comes to school he leaves home at 5AM walking down the mountain to make a 9 AM class.  On days that the buses run he can catch the bus at the bottom of the mountain and ride all the way to Somotillo then walk over to Casa De Shelly.  There are days that the bus doesn’t run so he has to walk all the way to the river.  To cross the river he pays 50 cordobas ($2.23) to have men pull him across the river in an inner-tube.  I can only imagine what it looks like to see men on each side pulling people back and forth.  During the rainy season (now) the river gets too high for buses to cross thus 2 men, 1 inner-tube, 2 ropes and people willing to pay to cross.
    Over the years I have grown to love many of these men of GOD and I have a heart felt desire to equip them to be even greater men for the glory of GOD.  Please pray for our Nicaragua and Honduran Pastor’s.  Everyone that I have met through the years have a very difficult life but are true to their call and love their people.  IHL

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