Blessings…..Last full day on the mission field this year for “Team Faith Fellowship.”  What an exciting day for them as we ventured up to Santa Cruz.  For many it was their first time there an very revealing at that.  For many they thought they had seen some of the worst villages we serve.  Today they discovered probably the hardest living conditions that I have encountered since we began our work here.  The big issue as many of you know is lack of water.  Even though we are in the rainy season there is still a shortage of water and food on that mountain.  We had the opportunity to engage the children and bring a little joy to them if only for a short season.  For the first time today we cooked a large pot of chicken stew and handed out bowls so that everyone could eat.  I’ll never get tired of watching the children eat their stew and wish we could provide more each time.  Very thankful for the resources that God has provide and that we could share on this day.  One hot bowl of stew for each person and 2 bags of food for each family, I’ll call that a “Blessed Day.”  Pray for the team as we begin our journey home.  IHL, Donald and Pammie


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