This morning started with devotions from Uncle Kim out of Luke 10:38-42 where he talked about Mary and Martha.  He challenged us to not lose sight of why we are here and not be so busy that we fail to see Jesus.  The team anticipated going to the radio station to sing and give testimonies but God had different plans for us.  Due to heavy rain, the power was out at the radio station so we had praise and worship at Casa De Shelly with singing and testimonies from Tyler, Pam, and Rose.  Later in the morning, due to flooding only a few brave pastors and their wives made it to pastor training.  For the sake of their safety, the ministry distributed food to them and transported them home.  Seeking God’s will for the day, the team went to a school only to find all the schools were closed in the area due to the rain.  We then went to the local hospital and had prayer and presented the gospel to several very ill patients.  One thing we have learned on the mission field is to be flexible and wait on the Lord.  After lunch, we ministered to local families at the new clinic site that Because We Care Ministry is seeking funding to finish.  It is a beautiful building and will be such a blessing to so many once the final construction is completed.  We cooked stew and had the nurse see many patients including an elderly lady whose family had brought her on a wheelchair in the heavy rain.  We engaged the children/youth through soccer, face painting, jump rope, puppet shows, and a fun skit from Pastor Jonge.  We offered the gospel and praise God for the responses!  Despite the inclement weather, God is good, and we had a great day on the mission field.

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