What an amazing day this has been. After torrential rain, stopping us from many of our own plans for this week, we saw the mighty hand of God once again and His divine direction. The radio power was up today and after devotion and breakfast, the team headed to radio. Testimonies and music was given as well as the Word. We returned to the casa and held the last day of pastor’s conference. Our ladies held Bible study and fellowship once again with the pastor’s wives. We have experienced such a blessing from these ladies in the few hours we’ve had with them. It makes us realize we aren’t so different in some ways but our dedication is lacking. We came to encourage and strengthen them but instead, we were the ones encouraged and strengthened. We saw Jesus in them each day. Walking miles, crossing the river on inner tubes in pouring down rain to get here; would we do that in order to come together to learn God’s Word?  
This afternoon we visited the village of Ojoche. The people there were receptive and seemed to appreciate North Americans taking time to love them. Crafts were done, a hot meal was cooked and served, medical clinic was held, and games were played. ( including the funky chicken-and the tooty ta) We heard “laughter” in the village. The message of salvation was delivered . Rice packs were given to each family.  Leaving the village, children and adults ran after the trucks, wanting one more blessing.The team emptied their throw bags all along the road and answered the call for “carmello.”
More blessings came on the trip home. Donald stopped the vehicles and we parked on the side of the bank. We all headed down to the river and one of our team members was baptized there in the river. This is truly a Halleluiah day!

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