A few years ago a pastor friend of ours was working on the church building when he accidentally struck a power line.  To this day no one really knows how long his lifeless, burned and broken body hung from the platform that he had been working from.  What we do know is that his darling wife spent almost 48 hours getting him to a hospital that would actually treat him.  It’s hard to imagine but they were actually turned away from two hospitals before he got to The Baptist Hospital in Managua.  It doesn’t have to be that way….

     Mid summer one of our teams visited a village that we hadn’t been in for more than a year.  When God touches my heart about changing the plans for the day I know it’s going to be big.  On this particular day it only took a few minutes to find out what GOD was up too.  Sitting under a shade tree cooking the now famous “chicken stew” they began to call my name from the church where the Dr and some of the team members were doing medical.  A young mother had brought her 6 month old daughter that was suffering from pneumonia to see the Dr. and ask us to pray with her.  In less than an hour they sought me once again to pray for a young girl (less than a year) that probably would have died if the Dr hadn’t shown up that day.  It doesn’t have to be that way….

    The problem in these remote villages is that most young mothers have NO way of seeking help and in many cases there is NO help to be found.  Nicaragua has an infant mortality of 1 in 3 before the age of three.  We could debate the problem for days and it won’t change anything.   It doesn’t have to be that way….

     We shared with you at the beginning of the month that BWCM had been given a very generous gift to be used in the construction and prayerfully the completion of the medical clinic.  The gift was a $20,000.00 matching gift that we have until the end of Dec. to match.  At this time we are on our way to reaching our goal with almost 1/4 of our part either in hand or pledged.  Please pray about what you could do to help give many young mothers in Nicaragua an opportunity to raise their children.  The medical clinic with provide a hope that many have never known.  The provisions for running and staffing the facility are in place, we just need to finish the building.  IHL, Donald and Pammie

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