Today I think we can safely say we experienced one long “God Moment”.  The day began with a walk around the compound as we heard of all the accomplishments that have taken place here.  We all stood amazed at how God truly is everywhere  no matter what country we are in.  He has his people everywhere and we can see Him if we are watching.  We can hear Him if we are listening.  He wants to communicate with His people.  His sheep know His voice and they won’t listen to any other we are told in John 10.  Gods Word is the same no matter what language or country we are in.  It reads the same everywhere.  His love is the same everywhere.  We felt His love and for the people.  We saw the needs being met as He allowed us to be His hands and feet.
     This afternoon we had our first “Pastors Graduation.”  It truly was amazing to watch these men parade into the church and receive their certificates.  Pam and I are very thankful to the many men of God that have taken time out of their busy schedules to come to Nicaragua and invest in the ministry of these 16 men.  I look forward to seeing what God does through them in their church as we continue to sow into them next year.
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