Hola! Today was another wonderful day on the mission field! This morning the boys went back out to the training field to continue working with the crops, while part of the team went back out to a village to see a family that was in need of a bike repair. After meeting back up at the Casa, the team gathered 60 bags of food and toys to head out to Santa Teresa. While we were there, each child was given a toy and the mothers received toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, packages of rice and bags of food. Each Family received a whole bag filled with oil, rice, beans, soap, sugar and cookies. The soup was also prepared in the village and each person received a bowl to eat. This was a huge blessing to the village and that was evident and demonstrated through a woman named Berta. She addressed the team and mentioned how she had been praying for a miracle and for the team to come to Santa Teresa because she had no food and had no clue how she was going to feed her family that evening. God once again orchestrated the amazing placement for the team provided a miracle for this family and many others.
After lunch the team once again packed the truck full of candy, clothes and toys to head out to El Aredo. There were was again 60 bags prepared to hand out to the families of this village. When the team arrived in the village the young children and their families quickly pilled behind the truck to see what the team had brought. The team shared Christ through the story of the candy cane and each person received a candy cane. This village was very happy to have the team their today and after all the food was passed out the team played marbles and sang songs with all the children. God greatly provided today and the team was able to bless many people through His hands. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! We will have another update tomorrow! Adios!

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