Today was a wonderful day on the mission field. This morning we began our day with a reading from God’s Word, from Isaiah 40. After breakfast we worked on the training center, tilling the corn field, and some of us went to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for the stew! After our morning activities we loaded up everything to go to Villa Esperanza. On the way there we did roadside ministry, and we passed out clothes, food and toys and when we got there we began cooking the stew to pass out to all the people. Everybody found their element, the boys were playing football with the children, the girls were busy painting fingernails and some of us were busy preparing the large meal. So far we have passed out over two hundred bags of food, which will feed a family for about a week and around 360 rice bags that will feed a family of six for a night. This afternoon we set out for Cofradia and our way we passed by the dump. On our way we came across a family, they were carrying three large bags of plastic, which they had accumulated throughout the day. This family collects plastic out of the dump to sell and recycle. When we handed the mother a bag of food and some clothes, she told us that this morning she had wondered how she was going to feed her family that night. Tonight we collected food, clothes and toys to give out to the police department, for their children for Christmas. God is so good, we have seen His mighty hand at work this week and we look forward to the amazing things that he is going to do during the rest of this week. Thank you for your prayers! They are greatly appreciated! God is working and moving in the lives of the people and in our lives as well.

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