Another beautiful morning here at Casa De Shelly! After breakfast, some radio testimonials, and a market run, we headed out into the “training Facility”. The girls worked in the fields digging holes so we could replant some cabbage later. The guys poured concrete floor for a new shed. 5 cubic yards of concrete!! But we got it done; we really didn’t have a choice. Donald would not let us eat lunch until we finished. We did hear from the Extreme Team today, all is well, but apparently extremely windy, 60 plus mph. Today’s village was San Francisco South. Along the way we threw candy and essentials to the people lining the roadside. On the way to the village we were  stopped by the Nicaraguan Army at a check point. We pressed on. At the village, we played soccer, painted nails and blew bubbles with the kids, medical attention was given if needed, and we shared the word of God. Most of the kids were aware of Christ and his love for them, Amen! We ended with the meal we had prepared. Upon arrival back to base, we were put to work again, of course. We had to transplant all the cabbage that we had prepared for earlier. Finally it was time to clean up and have another awesome meal by Mama Maria and her girls. After dinner, we had time to relax and reflect on the day, by sharing our God moments with the group.

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