Today, Wednesday, January 04, 2012 we began our morning at 6 AM excited about what God had in store today.  After breakfast four team members gave  their testimony on the radio.   We were then given work assignments to help support the ministry.  Some were in the garden while others worked on the new office building.  After lunch we headed to the village of Jinocuajo where the young men were engaged in kicking  the soccer ball while the women and little girls had their nails painted and some colored.  We shared the gospel with each group while Donald prepared soup for the village.  The mothers and children lined up and seemed so appreciative for a warm meal.  We passed out packages of beans and rice for future meals.  As we drove home it was exciting to see children and adults run to the edge of the road to receive the clothes, dolls, flip-flops, and candy that we threw from the truck.  What a blessing to share God’s love by this simple act of giving to those in such need.  I am reminded  that there are no language or boundary barriers when it comes to conveying the love of Jesus.

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