KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!!! “Wake up, Debutantes!” So starts our second day here at Casa de Shelly.
The day began when three of our team members, Jessica Berry, Sarah Singer, and Sarah Kilgore, went to the radio station to share their testimonies and sing. Following this experience, the entire team set out to a special needs school, Sonrisa Felices, where they were able to interact and share the gospel with the children. Many of these children suffered from physical and mental limitations. One of these girls was a beautiful and brilliant child that lacked the ability to hear and speak. When she was younger, she had hearing aids, and during this time she was able to not only hear but speak as well. However, as she grew older, she outgrew her hearing aids. Now that she no longer has these devices, she can no longer hear or speak. She must resort to signing in order to communicate. There were a number of children with down syndrome, blindness, and learning disabilities. Just being with these children was both heartbreaking and such an incredible blessing. The minute we entered the school, we were met with hugs, greetings, and smiles. In spite of the children’s disabilities, they were so full of joy and excitement! They were enamored with the puzzles, balloons, and coloring books that we brought. But most of all, they just wanted our attention and love. We also shared the gospel with these precious children, although it was difficult to know the level of their reception based on their disabilities. However, we trust the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts and shed His light as only He can. 
                Later this afternoon, we piled back into the truck to head out to the village of El Ceibita. Again we were met by women and children and a few of the men. We helped Dr. Anderson hand out medication for parasites, painted the girls’ nails, colored pictures and played games. During our time at the village, our wonderful translators gathered the children and sat them down on a white tarp. Sarah Singer then proceeded to share a story with the children about Jesus which was a perfect segway into sharing the gospel. The children were enraptured by the story and engaged in the interactive gospel presentation. Our team was also able to bless the village with a meal. We fed 200 people a nutritious mean of chicken, rice, vegetables, and vitamins. For many of these people, this will be the best (and maybe only) meal of substance for a long time. We also handed out to the mothers in the village nutrition packets which feed around 6 people per packet. These food packets are filled with vital nutrients that otherwise these people would not receive. On the way to and from the village, we threw out clothes and candy from the side of the truck, yelling, “Cristo te ama!” which means, “Christ loves you!”
                Upon arriving at Casa de Shelly, we were able to bless the people here by helping to build a rock wall around the goat enclosure. I guess rocks are an understatement, since they were more like boulders! We will be sleeping well tonight! We unfortunately missed out on the bulk of the work, since three of us were called in to the air conditioned room to write this letter. What a shame.
                Please keep praying for the work being done here in Somotillo and the surrounding areas. Pray that the Gospel will be proclaimed with love, clarity, and boldness, and that the people will receive this life saving Word!

Dr and Mrs. Donald M Gillette
Because We Care Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 21806
Roanoke, VA. 24018