This morning, a few girls shared their testimonies and a song on the radio. Donald announced that we would have pastoral training at the Casa on the radio, and the pastors and their wives arrived shortly thereafter. Many of these husbands and wives spent hours traveling to us today. The way they earnestly seek the Lord and ministry preparation is inspiring and such a good example for us to follow. It was evident that they were burdened for their people, their families, and for the gospel to be spread. They were tired but eager to learn how to further their ministry and expand the body of Christ.
Donald taught the pastors about Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Dr. Anderson cared for the medical needs of the pastors and their wives. A couple of us taught the pastors’ wives about Biblical manhood and womanhood from Genesis 1-3, 1 Peter 3:1-7, and Titus 2:1-5. The ladies had an amazing time of prayer—lifting up requests to God by prayer and petition with thanksgiving! We ended our prayer time in praise to God for who He is and what He is going to do through the various church families and communities the women represented today. Through praying with the ladies, many voiced their needs, and we were able to provide the funds for them to seek further medical attention. This was a huge blessing for the women and for us to have the opportunity to give cheerfully, being led by the Holy Spirit! After lunch, we pampered the wives of the pastors by giving them manicures, pedicures, and massages. Please pray for these men and women who are boldly proclaiming the gospel in hard to reach areas—they are tired but desire to endure and persevere!
                Once the families headed back home, we got ready to head out to another village. We spent some time in San Miguelito. The time spent in this village included medical care, food distribution, a warm meal, and coloring, nail painting, and playing with the kids. The children here absolutely loved taking pictures, playing soccer and Frisbee, blowing bubbles, and jumping rope. The guys met a man who lived in California for work for a few years but moved back to Nicaragua. He was eager to learn English while in the States and wanted to learn more, but he did not have anyone to teach him. He professed faith in Jesus, and that he was teaching his children to believe in Christ and was devoted to training them in the Lord. However, he was frustrated because he was not able to read his Bible due to his understanding of English. He is still eager to learn English in order to read his Bible and grow as a Christian. Please pray for this man named Hosman!

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