Today we went back to Pascuala to continue working on the house we dug the footers for yesterday. We got to work alongside the nationals as we cut steel rebar, carried concrete bags, hauled buckets of water, and shoveled sand into the concrete mixer. Then we began to pour the footer for the new house. Some of the team taught the children in the village new songs, painted their fingernails, and shared the gospel. While we were there, we found a woman who had only had one leg and in a makeshift wheelchair. She had a fever and the doctor discovered that she had sores that had turned into deep open wounds that were severely infected. A few members of the team loaded her into the back of the truck and drove her to a private clinic for treatment.
In the afternoon, we went to La Caretta to provide a medical clinic, distribute clothing, and serve hot soup. Some of the team also taught the children various colors in English, colored with them, and taught them to sing Jesus Loves Me. At this village, two 16 year old boys accepted Christ. Hallelujah!

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