Happy Easter Sunday! We were privileged to wake up an hour later than usual, at 7:00, and had breakfast at 8:00 AM. After we ate, we headed down to the baseball field to interact with the kids. Greg and Jason measured up and put in the new permanent bases and home plates that our team brought here. We held a training clinic for little league (ages 6-9) and then separated into smaller groups to share testimonies. Zak, Morgan, Mike, Bill, LeeAnne, Dave, and Josh closed in prayer. Kristen, Sheryl, Katie, LeeAnne and Sarah the Easter story with some of the girls and painted nails as well as handed out some Silly Bandz. Morgan and Kristen played some soccer while Sheryl, Nidia, Sarah and Katie played a few games.
            After lunch we headed down to Pajuil where the girls colored and some guys played baseball. LeeAnne helped cook with Don and Jason, and we handed out a bowl of delicious stew to all the ladies, then the boys, like normal. We got to hand out two packages of nutritious rice and corn meal to all the moms. We played a lot of jump rope and there were a lot of people watching and participating! It was a lot of fun. As we were leaving, we threw the kids candy and clothes from the truck.
            Tonight Don will be preaching the Easter Story and Katie will be interpreting, we are all very excited for her! It should be a packed church and Principe De Paz as they all know Don will be preaching and it is a special holiday.
            Once, again, Happy Easter!

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