Isa 54:2   Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy astakes;

     When Pam and I along with our team prayed  this prayer and drove stakes in the ground in the 4 corners around the property of Casa De Shelly we had NO idea what GOD had on HIS mind as he led us to pray this prayer.  It has been an amazing yet very taxing 4 months as GOD directs us on this journey of missions, training, evangelism, and KINGDOM BUILDING.    We have had the honor and privilege of  hosting 8 teams already this year and several for the first time.  When we ask GOD to stretch forth our tent we were asking him to bring new teams along side BWCM to partner with us and support HIS work in this part of the world.  We have several more “first time” teams coming this summer and several pastor’s that are coming to do a “look-see” and seek GOD’s guidance.
    Our Pastor/Leadership training has exceeded our greatest expectations.  As of today we have 55 Pastor’s and leaders meeting in Honduras and Nicaragua seeking to grow both in GRACE and KNOWLEDGE.  I have shared with you over the months about the difficulties these men suffer to just be in the class room.  Please allow me this time to thank and ask you to pray for  Chris Dowd, Bill Ashford, Jonge Tate, Jeremy Minor, Rob Stephens, Mike Morris,  all whom have stood beside us and poured their hearts into making our Pastor’s better equipped to do the work of the LORD.
     Our farm training “Life Sustaining” program has continued to grow and be an instrument in GOD’s hand.  Today we have the chicken program at about 75% where we need to be and continue to grow.  The milk goat and sheep program are now off the ground and doing very well.  It’s our plan to have milk and cheese production underway by the end of the summer.  Anyone that would like to purchase a sheep or goat to help us grow our flocks just let me know.
     Over the past couple of months we have seen the local body of believers step out of their buildings and serve their communities.  We face the same difficulties here in Nicaragua that most Pastor’s face back in the States and that is to get their folks involved in the Kingdom Work.  I’m pretty well convinced that most of the people we are in contact with here daily have heard the GOSPEL  but very few have seem it demonstrated.  We will continue to lead them to SERVE and BE JESUS.
     Two weeks ago we started construction on house number 22 in Pascuala.  As I’m writing this letter we need at least 7 more houses or as many as GOD instructs us to build.  In the past, several groups partnered with us in building these houses, today I’m asking you to get the word out and help us to get these houses completed.  Next week when I meet with the Nica Pastor’s I’m going to challenge them to build one house.
      Please pray for us as we seek to be faithful and obedient, Donald and Pammie


Dr and Mrs. Donald M Gillette
Because We Care Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 21806
Roanoke, VA. 24018