Six months ago we were presented the opportunity to travel  to Nicaragua as missionaries. Many of us were immediately excited about the possibility but then we heard about the amount of funds we would be required to raise. The opportunity that once seemed so exciting was beginning to seem like a far off dream;  so we prayed. After a lot of time spent in prayer about the trip to Nicaragua and some encouragement from our trip coordinator, Rob Stephens, we remembered that if God desired that we go on the trip, the funds would not be a concern.
                  Today, we now write to you from Nicaragua; God made a way! After hours of travel, we spent our first night in the city of Managua and were amazed at the beauty of our surroundings. The small things, such as the palm and coconut trees brought pleasure to our eyes.  We had finally made it!
                  The next day, we went in to the city of Somotillo. The drive was long but interesting. We were amazed at the bipolar aspects of culture; one moment we were in a bustling city and the next in a small village. We still no idea what to expect but, with the help of Don, we learned very quickly. Within hours of arriving at Casa de Shelly, we hit the ground running and hopped in the back of a truck. Our first visit led us to Villa Esperanza, which literally translates to Village of Hope; a seemingly fitting title for what we want to bring to these people. Before we even reached the village, Children were swarming our truck for candy and clothing. They were more appreciative of what we know to be basic, than we are of many of the expensive luxuries we enjoy in America on a regular basis. This was an immediately humbling experience.
                  From the first piece of candy that hit the ground, to the last bowl of chicken and rice soup that was dished out, we were learning more and more about what it meant to share the Gospel.  The joy in the eyes of not just the children, but the adults as well was extremely convicting. This helped us to appreciate the service at Prince of Peace “Baptist” Church that we attended that night. One of the most beautiful aspects of this service, was singing the same songs to the same God, in different languages of the mouth, but speaking the same truth of the heart.
This journidad is just starting, but we already feel the God at work, stirring our spirits as we serve the least of these. We ask for prayers of boldness and encouragement, so please, come alongside us as we attend to the needs of the community of Somotillo.

Dr and Mrs. Donald M Gillette
Because We Care Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 21806
Roanoke, VA. 24018