There is only one word to describe the day we had today….wet. Whether
it was rain from the sky, or sweat from the heat, we were constantly
drenched…most likely by sweat. However, we are still as excited about
the work being accomplished in Nicaragua this week as we were at the
This morning, local pastors and their wives traveled to Casa de Shelly
for pastoral training led by Rob Stephens and Chris Dowd. It was
extremely humbling to learn that many of the pastors and their wives
had traveled over 2 hours on foot to make it here. In America, we tend
to complain about long drives with tons of traffic, but we get to make
those journeys sitting down in an air conditioned environment, while
enjoying our favorite tunes and a nice beverage. These pastors were
asking deep questions about the text and how God’s plan can be
accomplished here on earth; while we in America so commonly only care
about questions that relate to our individual lives. We take a lot for
granted and should realize how truly blessed we are. For as Don
reminded us so clearly on our first night here, the only difference
between us and the people we are now serving is where we were born.
Another accomplishment of the day was the successful surgery on a local
little girl named Maria. She had a tumor growing out of her right ear,
and the doctor with Because We Care Ministries removed it for free.
Our team was able to help keep little Maria calm, and help her as best
we could during the surgery. As Maria and her family were leaving, one
of the greatest moments of the day for us was to see the gratitude in
the parent’s eyes.
The second part of the day yielded another successful village visit and
a night admiring the majesty of God in a large thunderstorm that rocked
Casa de Shelly. We ask, as always, for everyone back home to keep us in

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