What a joy it will be to go to church tonight in the newly painted
Prince de Paz building. It was a testimony to Somotillo to have a team
work with dedication on God’s house here. After three days of painting
the job was finally completed!

What a joy it is when members of a team are saved/baptized and today
was definitely one of those memorable days. Mama Maria’s daughter
Noemi was baptized today, along with five team members, one of whom,
after questioning their salvation, was gloriously saved and immediately
baptized in the Rio Negro. It’s interesting how conversions and
decisions for obedience in baptism often follow the radio testimony
time. Our team prays that God has used the radio ministry in the
hearts of those in Somotillo as he did in the hearts of our team. Pray
for the new radio station equipment as it hopefully makes its way
through the final stages of the “customs” process here.

Pasquala was the village we ministered in this afternoon. The team was
sharing the gospel message and issuing a challenge to some there to
step up and lead those many young ones in the village in God’s truth if
they indeed have embraced it themselves.

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